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Murder Trial Partipants
Amasa J. Foulke

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Role First Trial Second Trial
Judge Hervey Craven Hervey Craven
Prosecuting Attorneys Joel Stafford & David Moss Joel Stafford & William Garver & David Moss S5,
Defense Attorneys Thomas J. Kane & Shirts Thomas J. Kane & Shirts and Evans & Stephenson & John W. Gordon
Jurors Edward Stultz, Joseph White, J. R. Waller, David Fleming,
Robert P. Cully, Philip Beaur, Charles Henry
B. A. Smith, George Carpenter, Eli Doane [Foreman],
Thompson ???, Thomas N. Williams
Elijah G. Brattain, Milton Hadley William M. Osborne, George Armentrout, James A. Brandom [Foreman], Alfred Hess, J. W. Barnes, W. W. Reynolds, Benjamin Lennen, Robert Stout, W.F. Pearce & George P. Huntzinger
Witnesses   George Foulke (4) - Jesse Foulke (1) - Mary Foulke (5)
Sheriff John S. Edwards (1872-1873) John S. Edwards - I. H. Jessup (1874-1875)
Clerk Marion W. Essington Marion W. Essington
Stenographer, Newspaper C. H. Fiske S5, (Page 1, Col. 1)  
Put up Bond Jesse Foulke (1), John Foulke (2), William McShane (3) (at various dates) Jesse Foulke, John Foulke, William McShane (at various dates)
Bailiff John Patty John Patty
Case # #46 Habeas Corpus   -   #51 Murder #51 Murder


1 Jesse Foulke is Amasa's Father
2 John Foulke is Amasa's Brother
3 William McShane is Amasa's Brother-in-law
4 George Foulke is Amasa's Brother
5 Mary Foulke is Amasa's Mother

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Judge Hervey Craven

Book Title Page Page 388 Page 389 Page 390  
Ph7761.jpg Ph7761_P388.jpg Ph7761_P389.jgp Ph7761_P390.jpg  

Source:  S2,

   Next came Judge Hervey Craven, of Pendleton, elected to serve six years.  His Judicial career began in October, 1873.  He had been a Union soldier and bore the military title of colonel.  He was a man of courage, nerve and a sense of humor, withal a little whimsical.  The dockets were loaded and he drove the lawyers like a taskmaster.  Often court would open about daylight and run very late in the evening, indeed sometimes all night.  Amusing stories are told of attorneys arising too late to get their breakfast, ands it is related that the venerable Judge Stone came into the court room one morning eating a biscuit.  On one occasion, at Anderson, the session continued throughout the night, and the court required counsel to make their arguments to the jury.  One of the lawyers, now a United States senator, began his address saying, "Gentlemen of the jury, the crowing of chanticleer admonishes us that day is breaking."   But it is said that the judge would adjourn to take part in a fox drive or attend a horse race.  Nevertheless, he was popular.  One of the most celebrated local murder cases went through two trials during his incumbency.  S3,   (Foulke Murder Trials)


Joel Stafford
Prosecuting Attorney
  William Garver
Prosecuting Attorney
Joel Stafford, Prosecutor   William Garver  
Image & Bio:  Ph7903.jpg  S1, bet p 92/93
Signature, 18 Jan 1895 S4,
Signature, 4 Apr 1892 S6
  Image: Ph7905.jpg  S1, bet p 96/97
Biography:, S1, page 94




Thomas J. Kane
Defense Attorney
  Marion W. Essington
Circuit Court Clerk
Thomas J Kane   M W Essington, Clerk  
Image:  Ph7904.jpg  S1, bet p 96/97
 S1, P 95
  Image:  Ph7902.jpg 
S1, bet p 100/101



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