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Second Murder Trial
Amasa J. Foulke

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Furniture setup in bedroom

"Murder bed set east and west, with the head to the west"  [Dr Moore testimony] S1,

"Bookcase was at the foot of the bed; the lounge at the north side of the bed; deceased lying on the north side of the bed, next to lounge"  [Dr A R Tucker testimony]  S1,

". . . we went to the east door; Lucette said she couldn't get up, and told us to go round to the kitchen door; we went into the house. . ."  [Temple C Marris testimony]  S2,



Misc. Data

"Was his family physician; [at Tipton] was frequently at his house"  [Dr Martin Van Buren Newcomer testimony]  S2,

I refused to sign or circulate a petition, signed by taxpayers of Jackson township, for the purpose of employing General Moss as counsel.  [6, Dr Amos Pettijohn, recalled by state testimony]  S1,

At this point the testimony of Amasa Foulke, the defendant, at the coronerís inquest, was read and admitted in evidence [6, between J M Phelps and John Sims testimony]  S1,

defendant and wife staid at my house some time after they were married; they lived in the same house, but with apartments to themselves; we moved to Westfield some time after their marriage, and rented the farm to defendant and his brother George; we continued to live in Westfield for some time, and then moved back to the farm; then put up the house in which the murder occurred for defendant; defendant soon moved to Groomsville, Tipton county; lived there a year and then moved to Tipton town; lived there some time, and then moved back to the farm, in the house with us; they were at our house after moving back from Tipton, about three weeks, and then moved over in the house where the murder occurred;  [7, Jesse Foulke testimony]  S2,

The defendant lived with us when first married, a little over a year; their first babe was born at our house; then we built them a house on our place; they lived in that house when we moved to Westfield; after we came back from Westfield we built the house for them  [7, Mary Foulke testimony]  S2,

after moving over to the house where Lucetta was killed, I was over several times, as they had a sick child at the time; I staid with her several times while defendant was at Indianapolis, shipping lumber.  [7, Mary Foulke testimony]  S2,

Reside in Noblesville; was present at the habeas corpus trial.  At this juncture there was a discussion as to the admissibility of this evidence  [7, Mrs Anna Baker testimony Ė wife of Nehemiah???]  S2,

lived with them after they were first married, on fatherís farm and until defendant went to Tipton  [7, George Foulke ID0076 testimony]  S2,

 we were running a saw mill in Tipton county, fourteen miles form Tipton; we were there in the business together something over six months; he moved then to the town of Tipton; I was there a great many times; as much as about a half dozen times a month; I boarded with him about a year and a half altogether, they always appeared to get along all right; they staid at fatherís a short time when they came back from Tipton; I boarded there at the time; they then went to housekeeping at the place where she was shot.   7, George Foulke ID0076 testimony]  S2,

I had no pistol at the time of the murder, and it had been over a year since I had had one; I had traded it to my brother in Iowa for a shawl  [7, Amasa J Foulke testimony]  S2,




". . . found her [Lucette] lying in middle of bed, with cover down to her waist; one child on each side, one child was awake, and said she was not hurt;"  [Jesse Foulke testimony]  S1,

"When we first got there she was lying on her back between her two children" [ Temple C Marris testimony]  S2,

"His little daughter was sick a good deal of the time.  I was frequently at his house" [ Dr Martin Van Buren Newcomer testimony]  S2,

"They had one child while they lived at father's"  [George Foulke testimony]  S2,

"we had two children; the oldest one was at the death of its mother about five years old, and the youngest fifteen months; the little girl died last fall"  [Amasa J Foulke testimony]  S2,



Other Family Members Mentioned

we met Temple Merris while going over; Jennie Jones and my father [Amasa Baker ID0138] and myself went together; Kersey Baker and John Baker were there when we arrived [Mary Baker testimony]  S1,

Mrs Foulke, and Elizabeth Baker were there  [Jacob Griffin testimony]  S1,

Kersey Baker, John Baker and his son, Mr. and Mrs. Foulke, and a little girl that Mrs. Foulke had raised,[Jenny Jones ??]  and one or two others were at the house  [Dr Pettijohn testimony]  S1,

Was staying at the Widow Bakerís house at time of murder [Clark Cammack testimony]   S1,

I built a fire and then went to Bakerís and awoke them [Louis B Pettijohn testimony] (could this be the Widow Baker?)  S1,

I live three quarters of a mile north-east of Deming; was at widow Bakerís on the night of the murder [James Jackson testimony]  S1,

at the request of Jesse, to meet Mrs. Mary Foulke, Jenny Jones, and old Mr. Baker; met them and returned with them to the house [Temple C Marris testimony]  S2,

Am an uncle of defendantís wife.. My son went with me.. .  [Kersey Baker testimony]  S2,

was called up by my son John and his wife   [Mrs Kersey Baker testimony] S2,

 I live in Adams township; have lived there thirty-six years; live within a mile and a half of Jesse Foulke; Foulke has lived there twenty years; have been acquainted with the defendant about twenty years; his wife was a niece of my wife [Uriah Hodson testimony]  S2,

 Am the wife of Uriah Hodson; was acquainted with the defendantís wife; she was a neice of mine; the defendant was the son of my first cousin  [Mrs Ann Hodson testimony]  S2,

I was related to Mrs. Amasa Foulke; was a cousin of hers; . . . was living at Noblesville at the time  [Nehemiah Baker testimony]  S2,




Toll Gate Keeper:  lived west of Amasa Foulkís between a quarter and half quarter mile Ė keep toll house on Cicero and Boxley gravel road - there are two roads, one coming into the pike from the south, west of the toll house, and one from the north, east of the gate; [Wilson Wall testimony]  S1,

 live south and west of defendant one mile distant; Amasa lived one-fourth of a mile from the toll gate; I live half a mile south of defendantís father [Jacob Griffin testimony]  S1,

defendant walked back to his house; distant about one mile and a quarter  [Dr Pettijohn testimony]  S1,

 I live in Jackson township quarter of a mile from defendantís house  [Temple C Marris testimony]   S2,

I live four miles west of Cicero, within a quarter mile of defendantís  [Mrs. Nancy Owens testimony]  S2,

I live in Jackson township, a quarter mile from defendantís house, and very near due north  [Henry Wall testimony]  S2,

The toll gate is about a quarter of a mile from my house  [Henry Wall testimony]  S2,

 Live between a quarter and half a mile of defendant [Mrs Kersey Baker testimony]  S2,

I know where defendant lives; lives about four and a quarter miles from Cicero  [Elmsly D Tisler testimony]  S2,

I came into the pike half a mile east of the toll gate; I had left my father-in-lawís house at about fifteen minutes before three oíclock; it was a little after three when I got to the pike . . . Ė How far was this from defendantís house?  Answer Ė About three-quarters of a mile  [Lewis H Sims testimony]  S2,

I called at the toll-gate, a quarter of a mile from the house  [Amasa J Foulke testimony]  S2,

I then went up to fatherís house, and got a horse to go to Deming; I stopped at Griffinís on the way and asked him to go to my house; he said he would go over; I then went on to Deming  [Amasa J Foulke testimony]  S2,




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S1 Newspaper:  Noblesville Ledger [Noblesville, Hamilton County, Indiana] - 12 Feb 1875, page 1 - Acc000889 Link
S2 Newspaper:  Noblesville Ledger [Noblesville, Hamilton County, Indiana] - 19 Feb 1875, page 3 - Acc000888 Link


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