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State Resources
Birth Records:
-  Ohio Birth Records 1856-1909: - - [GIT, May 2012]
Census Records:
Court Records:
Ohio Courts Links
-  Ohio Court Records:
Death Records:
Ohio Obituary Index
Ohio Vital Records Indexes
Online Ohio Death Records & Indexes
-  Ohio Death Certificate Index - 1913-1935 -

-  Ohio Death Certificate Index, 1913-1944 -
Ohio Obit Index - 
Ohio Probate Records: - - [GIT, June 2012]
Land Records:
Ohio Lands Book - .pdf File

Ohio Public Land Records - "Genealogy Gems Newsletter" - ACPL (Allen County Public Library) - No. 87, 31 May 2011 - EN0125
   - ACPL Genealogy Center - “Ohio Land Records” (cabinet 80)
   - consult Ellen T. and David A. Berry’s three-volume “Early Ohio Settlers” (GC 977.1 B45e, B45ea, and B45eb)
   - Grants in the Virginia Military District are indexed in Clifford Neal Smith’s “Federal Land Series” (GC 973.004 Sm5f)

Ohio Land and Property - (FamilySearch Wiki)

Ohio Land and Property - FamilySearch Wiki
-  Ohio Land Grants History - Doc0862.pdf Records:
   -  "Along the Ohio Trail"  A Short History of Ohio Lands - Link,
   -  "Tax, Criminal, Land & Wills"  Link
   -  "Ohio Land Records"  Link,
   -  "Ohio Homestead and Cash Entry Patents, Pre-1908" - Link,

Cyndi's List "What's New for 30 June 2014"  Several Ohio Land Links included - Link,

-  Newberry Library (Chicago):
-  Ohio Network of American History Research Centers:
   -   Finding Ancestors in Ohio's Local Government Records Program:
   -  No longer being funded
-  Ohio Counties Map  -
Clickable Map
Ohio County Maps and Atlases
Maps of Ohio
   -  Interactive Map of Ohio County Formation History
   -  Old Antique Atlases & Maps of Ohio
   -  Ohio Map Links
-  Ohio Lakes, Rivers and Water Resources ( - Link,
-  The Building of Ohio:  18 Land Grants.  Issued by Auditor of State, nd, Doc4771.pdf

Ohio GenWeb Page
Ohio Counties Page
-  Ohio's Heritage Northeast -
-  Ohio Research Guide - (Family Tree Magazine), July 2008
About Naturalization Records in Ohio
-  Legacy QuickGuide - Ohio Genealogy - Doc1716-004.pdf
-  LFT Webinar - 13 Nov 2013, Notes - Doc1929.txt
-  Ohio Research Guide ( - (PDF) -  Link,
-  Ohio Research Links from Cindi's List - Doc2462.txt
-  "FamilySearch Offers Rich Genealogy Research for Ohioans" - FamilySearch Blog, 20 Oct 2015 by Steven Decker
-  "Ohio Genealogy Websites, Resources and Tips"  Genealogy Insider, 3 Nov 2015
-  "Ohio State Guide"  Family Tree Magazine, Insert, Jan/Feb 2017 Issue
Ohio RootsWeb Databases - (Accessed 4 Jan 2017)
Ohio Digital Network on DPLA-
-  Ohio Photo Collections: (Accessed 31 July 2020)
Newspapers of Ohio:
-  "Online Digital Newspapers Collections by State", Genealogy's Star, 28 July 2014  - Link,
Ohio Digital Projects:
Ohio Memory
Ohio Memory Project - (Good as of 10 Mar 2009) -
-  Article about:
-  State Digital Projects -

Ohio Historical Society - Archives/Library  (Genealogical Resources box - Ohio Death Certificate Index 1913-1937 War of 1812 military rosters)
   -  "Ohio Historical Society to change its Name to the Ohio History Connection"  EOGN, 27 Apr 2014 - Link,

 Western Reserve Historical Society: 
   -  Click Library Collections - databases - Bible Records Index and Biographical Sketch name index. Follow genealogy link
Ohio Genealogical Society:
Wiki Pages: Wiki Page
FamilySearch Wiki - Ohio Page
WeRelate Research Guide
Ohio Births and Christenings, 1821-1962
Ohio County Births, 1841-2003
Ohio County Death Records, 1840-2001
Ohio Death Index, 1908-1932, 1938-1944, and 1958-2007
Ohio Death Record Index Search
Ohio Deaths and Burials, 1854-1997
Ohio Deaths, 1908-1953
Ohio Federal and State Census Mortality Schedules 1850, 1860, 1880
Ohio Marriages, 1800-1958
Ohio Obituary and Death Index
Ohio Birth Records, 1889-1891
Ohio Birth Records, 1922-1931
Ohio Birth Records, 1926-1951
Ohio Certificates of Death, 1904-1941
Ohio Certificates of stillbirth, 1942-1952
Ohio County Marriages, 1789-2013
Ohio Death Records, 1875-1908
Ohio, Marriages, 1800-1942
Ohio, Affidavits of Birth, 1932-1938
Online Searchable Death Indexes
(Accessed 10 Aug 2019)

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Auglaize County - Whetstone
Date Formed:  1848
Parent County:  Allen, Mercer, Darke,  Hardin, Logan, Shelby and Van Wert
Map, 1914
Auglaize County Birth and Death Records, 1867-1938
Auglaize County Marriage Records, 1848-1957
Auglaize County, Marriages 1848-1898
(Accessed 10 Aug 2019)

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Crawford County             Whetstone, Peter - Klinger
Date Formed:  1820
Parent County:  Delaware
County Seat:  Bucyrus
Wikipedia Article
County Map Showing Townships
Crawford County Cemeteries
Crawford County GenWeb Page
Crawford County - (Family Search Wiki Page)

Crawford County Obituaries, 1860-2004 (FamilySearch)
Crawford County Church Records  (FamilySearch Wiki)

Common Pleas Court -
- History of the Court of Crawford County -
- Common Pleas Court of Crawford County, Ohio
   112 E. Mansfield St, Suite 200
   Bucyrus, OH  44820
   Phone:  419-562-5771     Fax:  419-563-1914

Bucyrus Historical Society

Bucyrus International - Bucyrus, Ohio
- Wikipedia Article
- Steam Shovel Article
    "Twenty-five Bucyrus Model 50-B steam shovels were sent to the Panama Canal to build bridges, roads, and drains and remove the huge quantities of soil and rock cut from the canal bed. All the shovels but one were scrapped at Panama."

Bucyrus City Directory, 1914   PDF version

Court Clerk -
Crawford County Genealogy Society
PO Box1033
Bucyrus, Ohio 44820-1033
Courthouse information the Courtroom.htm
Middletown Cemetery  S5, Crawford County Histories - S6, S7, S8,
Liberty Township - S1, page 556 Wikipedia Article
Map of Liberty Township - Link
Coordinates:  40-52-12N    82-54-41W
Sulphur Springs -
Crawford County Government Page -
Whetstone Township - S1, page 540   -  Wikipedia Article
- Settled about 1820 - S1, page 211 -
There is a Whetstone Creek
Coordinates:  40-16-17N   82-54-51W
Whetstone Cemetery - on Poe Rd, between Monnett Chapel Rd and Kehrer Rd  S2,
Marriage Consents Transcriptions - Selected Pages (Heckert)  S18,

Farm Journal Illustrated Rural Directory of Crawford County, Ohio  (1917)
Whetstone School Alumni Picnic - 16 July 1930, Heise Park, Galion, Ohio - Doc4492.pdf Maps:
1912 Farm Plat and Index of Owners
1914 Map
Crawford County Church Records, 1853-2007
Crawford County Marriage Records 1831-1929
Crawford County Marriages
Crawford County Obituaries, 1860-2004
Crawford County Registration and Corrections of Births 1941-1968
Crawford County Birth and Death Records, 1866-1909 ; Index to Birth, 1867-1878
Crawford County, Marriage Consents, 1832 to 1900
(Accessed 10 Aug 2019)

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Defiance County - (Part of Williams County until 1845)  - Haas
Date Formed:  1845
Parent County:  Williams, Henry, Paulding
County Seat:  Defiance
WikiPedia Page,_Ohio

FamilySearch Wiki Page,_Ohio_Genealogy
Defiance County OHGenWeb -
Defiance County - USGenWeb -
Defiance County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society -
Defiance County, Ohio Genealogy -
Cyndi's List -
Genealogy, Inc.:
FamilySearch Catalog Search:  Ohio, Defiance:
Defiance County Histories - S12,
My Evansport Research Page
Maps -
Lanier Township
Defiance County Birth Records, 1866-1908 ; Index, 1866-1908
Defiance County Court Records, 1845-1910
Defiance County Death Records, 1867-1908
Defiance County Marriage fees, 1852-1856 ; registry/return of Marriages, 1856-1857
Defiance County Marriage Records, 1845-1994 ; Index, 1845-1885
Defiance County Registry of Births, 1856-1857 ; return of Births, 1867-1873, 1890-1891
Defiance County, Birth Certificates 1908-1910
Defiance County, Report of Births and Deaths 1875-1908
(Accessed 10 Aug 2019)

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Fulton County Haas - Impton
Parent Counties: Formed from Henry, Lucas, and Williams Counties 28 February 1850
Fulton County, Ohio GenWeb Page -  WikiPedia Page  - 
FamilySearch Wiki Page:,_Ohio_Genealogy
Fulton County Histories - S9, S10, S11,
York Township Plat Map, 1875 - .pdf - Shows farm of George Becker ID1231 - 40 acres
- Acc001952, Doc0545.pdf - Book source unknown - Call Number:  GC 977.10 795at [pages?] 209, 215
Fulton County Township Map, 1983 - .pdf
Fulton County Death Records
Fulton County Marriage Records, 1864-1930; Birth Records, 1867-1951; Delayed Birth Records and Index, Death Records, 1867-1951
Fulton County Marriage Records, 1930-1956
(Accessed 10 Aug 2019)

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Harrison County Foulke -
Jesse M. Foulke, ID0088, and Family lived in Short Creek Township in 1850  - S19,
Harrison County Death Records 1867-1908, 1940-1941
Harrison County Birth Records, 1867-1941
Harrison County Marriage Records, 1813-1920
(Accessed 10 Aug 2019)

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Montgomery County          Klinger - Piles - Weidner - Wogaman
- Michael ID0416 - Philip ID0420 - Samuel ID0414 - William ID1294
Piles/Pyles -
Ambrose ID2909 - Joshua F. ID1279
Weidner -
David ID0422
- Christian ID4150 - David W. ID4155 - John ID4149
Montgomery County Histories - S1, S13, S14, S15, S16,
Montgomery County Index to Births, 1909-1948
Montgomery County Marriage Records 1851-1852
Montgomery County Birth and Death Records, 1866-1910
Montgomery County Marriage Records, 1803-1913
(Accessed 10 Aug 2019)

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Perry County Worthen/Warthan (Nicholas Warthan ID0408) - Acc001675
Perry County Delayed Correction and Registration of Births 1940-1991 ; Index, 1940-1991
Perry County Birth Records, 1867-1908
Perry County Marriage Records, 1818-1952 ; Index to Marriage Records, 1818-1986, 1818-2018
Perry County Record of Deaths vols. 1-3, 1867-1908
Perry County Record of Deaths, no. 1, 1867-1941
Perry County, Marriage Records 1818-1878
(Accessed 10 Aug 2019)

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Preble County William S. Stratton ID0194 (1850, 1860, 1880 US Census) - Klinger - Piles  
Date Formed:  1808
Parent County:  Montgomery, Butler
County Seat:  Eaton
Wikipedia Page
FamilySearch Wiki Page
Preble County Genealogy & History Site
Ohio Genealogy 101.:
Lewisburg - (Harrison Township) - (Piles Family)
- Wikipedia PageGc 977.102
- Plat Map, 1818
1912 Plat Book -
 A Biographical History of Preble County, Ohio: Compendium of National Biography.  Chicago:  Lewis Publishing Co., 1900.  Bk3748  - 
-  Lowry, R. E. History of Preble County Ohio:  Her People, Industries and Institutions. Indianapolis, Indiana: B. F. Bowen & Company, 1915. Bk3757 - Google Books Link
-  A Biographical History of Preble County, Ohio. Chicago: The Lewis Publishing Company, 1900. Bk4026
Preble County Births, Marriages, and Deaths
Preble County Genealogical Database
Preble County Birth, Death and Marriage Records 1808-1908
Preble County, Marriages 1808-1859 : pt. 1 groom Indexes, pt. 2 bride Indexes
Preble County, Marriages, 1808-1859
(Accessed 10 Aug 2019)

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Stark County - Families:  Whetstone, Bash, Snyder
Stark County Court Records, 1809-1917 -
Stark County Coroner's Records, 1890-2002 -
Stark County Probate Records, 1886-1921 -
Stark County Coroner's Records, 1890-2002
Stark County Miscellaneous Vital Indexes
Stark County Birth Records, 1867-1908
Stark County Death Records v. 1-4, 1867-1908
Stark County Marriage Records, 1809-1916; Marriage Index, 1809-1972
Stark County, Birth Index Cards, 1868-1935
Stark County, Birth Record Registration & Correction, 1941-1984
Stark County, Birth Record, 1869-1926
Stark County, Miscellaneous Birth and Death Records, 1940-1941
(Accessed 10 Aug 2019)

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Williams County      Whetstone, John - Haas - Schlosser
Date Formed:  1820
Parent County:  Darke
County Seat:  Bryan
Bryan, Ohio - Wikipedia Article
   -  Founded 1840
   -  "The Fountain City"
   -  "Bryan, Ohio in the 1950"  YouTube Video (26:43)

Bryan City Band
   -  The band performs each Wednesday at 8pm during June and July - They have been playing for more than 150 seasons  - Link,
   -  The band performance, 6 Jul 2011 - YouTube Video (3 min)-
   -  FaceBook Page
   -  "Director, 96, to lead Bryan band final time" -, (Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana), 22 July 2009 - Link,
       -  John Hartman - played with ban for 63 years and was director for 50 years
       -  The band has been performing for 158 years [1851]
       -  John played at the 1933 Chicago World's Fair - He also played under the direction of John Philip Sousa
   -  Bryan, Ohio Community Profile - Link,  
      "On warm summer evenings, citizens gather on the Courthouse lawn to enjoy an old-fashioned band concert by Ohio’s longest continuous city band."


FamilySearch Wiki
Williams County, Ohio USGenWeb
Williams County Historical Society
Williams County Genealogical Society  -  WCGS, PO Box 293, Bryan, Ohio  43506
Williams County Histories - S3, S17, FamilySearch Wiki -
Williams County Records Center Info - .pdf  -
-  "Williams County, Ohio:  Genealogy and Facts"
-  Williams County, Ohio Obituary Search (Williams County Public Library) - Link,
-  A History of Williams County Cemeteries  S4,  (Scheer, Zion, Benner Cemetery)
Cemeteries, Williams County
-  Springfield Township, 1974 - Doc1076.pdf
-  Springfield Township, 1894 - Doc1075.pdf
1904 Plat Map (Very poor scan)
Williams County Public Library
Williams County Public Library, West Annex 
107 E. High Street Bryan OH 43506 
419-636-6734 (ext. 275)
-  Bryan Main Branch -
-  Williams County Obituary Search -
-  Local History & Genealogy -
-  Williams County, Ohio Obituary Search (Williams County Public Library) - Link,
-  Shinn, William Henry. The County of Williams, Part 2. Madison Wisconsin: Northwestern Historical Association, 1905. Bk4025 - Read Online -
Williams County Birth and Death Records 1867-1941
Williams County Marriages
Williams County Marriage Records, 1824-1941
(Accessed 10 Aug 2019)



Source Citation

(Click for larger View)
(To Magnify larger image - use CTRL + )

S1 BookHistory of Montgomery County, Ohio. Chicago: W.H. Beers and Company, 1882. Bk3514  
S3 Book:  Bowersox, Charles A. A standard history of Williams County, Ohio . . . , 2 Vols. Chicago: Lewis Pub Co, 1920. Bk3509 Vol. 1
Vol. 2
S4 Book:  Cooley, Richard L. A History of Williams County Cemeteries: A Documentary. Bryan, Ohio: Author, 1988. Bk3510.  
S5 Letter: from Gerald Heckert to Wilma Haas Lucas, nd, page 2. Acc001723
In the Middletown Cem is Grave No. 64. (on Mr. Shoemakers Plotted Map) one Mary Wife of Peter Whetstone Died Mar 10 1859 Aged 70 yrs 9 months 228 days. Her maden name was Steinbaugh.
Note: Middletown Cemetery is located on Ohio St Rd 598 about 1 mile north of US 30 on the east side of road. The coordinates are: 40.7694N -82.7911 W (Google Maps)
S6 Book:  Hopley, John E. (John Edward). History of Crawford County, Ohio, and representative citizens. Chicago, Ill., Richmond-Arnold Publishing Company, 1912. Bk3505 Read Online
S7 Book:  Perrin, William Henry, J. H. Battle and others. History of Crawford County and Ohio. Chicago: Baskin & Battey, 1881. Bk3481 Read Online
S8 BookA centennial biographical history of Crawford County, Ohio. Chicago: The Lewis Publishing Company, 1902. Bk3526 Read Online
S9 Book:  Aldrich, Lewis Cass. History of Henry and Fulton counties, Ohio. Syracuse, N.Y.: D. Mason & Co., Publishers, 1888. Bk3527 Read Online
S10 Book:  Mikesell, Thomas, editor. The County of Fulton. Madison, Wisconsin: Northwestern Historical Association, 1905. Bk3529 Read Online
S11 Book:  Reighard, Farnk H. A Standard History of Fulton County, Ohio. Chicago: The Lewis Publishing Company, 1920. 2 vols. Bk3528 Google Books (2 Vols)
S12 BookHistory of Defiance County, Ohio. Chicago: Warner, Beers & Co., 1883. Bk3260 Read Online
S13 Book:  Beckwith, Hiram Williams. History of Montgomery County, together with historic notes on the Wabash. . . Chicago: H H Hill and N Iddings, Publishers, 1881. Bk3513 Google Books
S14 Book:  Drury, A. W. (Augustus Waldo). History of the city of Dayton and Montgomery County, Ohio. Chicago: S. J. Clarke Pub. Co., 1909. 2 Vols. Bk3515. Google Books
S15 Book:  Edgar, John Farris. Pioneer life in Dayton and vicinity, 1796-1840. Dayton, Ohio: W. J. Shuey, 1896. Bk3535. Read Online
S16 Book:  Conover, Frank. Centennial portrait and biographical record of the city of Dayton and of Montgomery county, Ohio. Chicago: A. W. Bowen, 1897. Bk3530 Read Online
S17 Book:  Godspeed, Weston A. and Charles Blanchard, editors. County of Williams, Ohio. Chicago: F. A. Battey & Co., 1882. Bk3531 Google Books
S18 Marriage Consents transcriptions, Crawford County, Ohio, 1832-1898. Galion, Ohio: Crawford County Genealogical Society, Warren Guinther, translater, 1986. Wilma Haas Lucas Papers. Acc002011/Doc0681.pdf Doc0681.pdf
(Select Pages - Heckert)
S19 1850 U.S. Census: Short creek Township, Harrison County, Ohio. Page 442, Line 13, Dwelling 1598, Family 1627, Jesse M Foulke. Original Data: NARA, M432, roll 693, Image 456. , accessed 10 Dec 2006. Acc000751/ Ph7912.jpg

1] Jesse M. Foulke: Head of household, 45 yr old male, Farmer, Real Estate Value: $2200, born Pennsylvania.
2] Mary Foulke: 36 yr old female born in Pennsylvania.
3] John Foulke: 6 yr old male.
4] George Foulke: 5 yr old male.
5] Meary A. Foulke: 4 yr old Female.
6] William Foulke: 3 yr old male.
7] Amasa Foulke: 1 yr old Male.
Family: all children born in Ohio



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