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  Boxley High School
Boxley, Adams Township, Hamilton County, Indiana

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Note:  The editor of the Sheridan News retired in April 2014 and publication was taken over by the Noblesville Times.  The sites listed below no longer function.

THIS MONTH'S SUBJECT:  Boxley High School
Source:  Our Home Town 1 Oct 2007  -  (Orig. Source, link does not work: )
From Diana Hadley Fitzpatrick, SHS 57:  The Old Boxley High School was the beginning of my formal education.  We lived in Boxley and I had to walk to school.  What an adventure for a little girl to go off and enter into that big imposing building in 1945.  I remember that there were six grades and there were 3 grades in each of two rooms.   Junior and High School classes were no longer being held there. They had moved to the Sheridan school. Vera Miller was the teacher for the first 3 grades.  I cannot remember who taught the other 3 grades. Some how, Mrs. Mintier comes to mind but I could be wrong.

I can still remember the old desks, the big blackboards that flanked two walls, and the splintery wooden floor.  There were no restrooms in the building and we had to go outside to an outhouse, one for the boys and one for the girls.  This was in all kinds of weather.

Mrs. Miller was a stern but loving, patient teacher.  I believe that she was also designated principal. She would not put up with any nonsense.  You could not help but learn under her tutorage.

We learned our numbers and how to add and subtract with little colored wooden pegs that she furnished for us.  One of the most honored tasks was to get to go to the basement and clean the erasers at the end of the school day. I loved that job.

Of course, there was no lunchroom and you either went home for lunch if you lived nearby or you brought it with you to eat at your desk.  I do remember that at one time, you could go to Charlie Hammer's store and his wife, Lola, would serve up hot home-made chili and hamburgers - all for the grand total of 25 cents.

In 1948, it was decided to close the school altogether.  The thought of starting 4th grade at another school was scary for me.  Going off to the Big school in Sheridan did not appeal to me at all.
I still have fond memories of that old building and the many friends that I made there. It was a sad day for me when the school and the old gymnasium were torn down and all that remains are our memories of those wonderful years.

From Joan Southard Olvey, SHS38:  Today I talked with Clifford "Pete" McCory who went to the Boxley school through his first year of high school.  (We have been friends for all those years, even going to the same church there in Boxley when my family couldn't get us to our church in Sheridan.) 

Pete told me that he remembered playing basketball in the gym when it had a dirt floor.  Later it was cemented and finally got hardwood on it.  The school had outside toilets, one for the girls and one for the boys.  (It was also that way when I moved there in 1928.)  He remembers that O.T. Kercheval was Superintendent and he also remembers three teachers in high school.  Joyce Hodson Cline and Elsie Teter both moved to Sheridan High School when Boxley High School closed at the end of the school year in 1931. The students then all had to attend Sheridan High School.  John Stoops was also a teacher at Boxley but Pete doesn't remember anything more about him.
Many people around Sheridan will remember Pete as he was a State Trooper for a number of years and then was Sheriff of Hamilton County for 12 years (I think.)  He also had a sister Lois and a brother John who were both teachers in the Sheridan Schools.  Pete is 91 now, living in Sarasota, Florida, and his memory is good. If he can think of anything else to tell me, I will let you know.  (He does remember tricks and pranks he used to pull on others but that cannot be printed!!)

The following Boxley school information was collected by Jim Land, SHS60, from various sources and who is generously sharing it with us.

Boxley School Chronological history in pictures:
Boxley School as it appeared in 1870 Ph4358.jpg (Orig. Source, link does not work:

Boxley School as it appeared from 1877 to 1889:  Ph4359.jpg    (Orig. Source, link does not work:

Boxley School as it appeared from 1889 to 1904:  Ph4360.jpg  (Orig. Source, link does not work:

Boxley School as it appeared from 1904 to 1921 Ph4361.jpg   (Orig. Source, link does not work:

Boxley School as it appeared in 1926, (notice gymnasium had been added) - Ph4362.jpg  (Orig. Source, link does not work:

Boxley School as it appeared in November 1957 in the early stages of demolition.  Ph4363.jpg  (Orig. Source, link does not work:



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School History
Source:  Our Home Town 1 Oct 2007  -  (Orig. Source, link does not work: )
From various printed sources:  The first school, according to reports, was a log building which was also used as a Methodist Church.  The building, we are told, was located just west of the present saw mill on the south side of the street.

After a time, a frame building, the first of a series of parts which made up the school now
being torn down, was constructed on the north side of the town, specifically as a school building. Up until 1897, those pupils of the township who attended high school at all went to Sheridan, where their tuition was paid by the township trustee. But, the number of students from the township was increasing as were the expenses.  To offset this increasing expense, the idea was conceived to establish a high school with a two year's course of study at Boxley.  It was thought that the majority of students desired to take only a two year's course.  These could be accommodated at Boxley, it was thought, with less expense than it would take to send them to Sheridan.  Those, however, who wished to take the remaining two years, could take them at Sheridan, where their tuition would be paid by the trustee.  In 1897, this school was established.

At the beginning of the year, students rolled in, in surprising numbers.  A class of fourteen was formed in the second year of high school and a class of thirty-five in the first year of high school. 

Established as it was in the midst of opposition, the school was a surprise to most people;  Many sage prophets predicted failure for it.  But it was in the hands of persons who were determined that it should not fail.

Encouraged by the success of the school in the first year of its existence, it was thought best to add one year's work and not, as it had been determined before, send those passing from the second year to Sheridan to finish up.  The next school year, 1899 - 1900, another year was added to the work, making a full four year's course of study. 

The first graduating class of nine students received their diplomas on Commencement day, May 22, 1900.

Shortly afterward, Boxley was given one of its most outstanding claims to fame when the school football team won the county championship in 1902. The members of that team were Jesse McMurtry, R.C. Foland, Marvin Foulke, Lindley Pickett, Joe Wiles, Harry N Evans, Guy Miller, Clyde Hershman, Dr. Lesley P Davis, Otis Vickery, Herman Myers, C. W. Eaton, Spencer Ogle, Dr. Clyde Phillips, and Verl Hershman.

Basketball was a different game in the early year of 1903.  The ball was jumped at center after each score and double dribble was called if a player shifted from one hand to the other while dribbling.  When the weather became too severe and games were played inside, the entire building except for spectator space was the court.  A player could bounce the ball off the wall and continue playing it.  The game was rough too.  A player could be practically tackled without a foul being called.  The roughness may have been the reason the Boxley High School Team played in football togs.  The padded pants may have been worn out of necessity.  The backboards were fine mesh wire strung on a 2x 4 frame.

In 1904, the west side of the building was built as the need for more space pressed hard upon the school's facilities.

At one time in its history, as was previously mentioned, the school was called to serve all of Adams Township with the exception of Sheridan.  The town of Sheridan decided to operate it's school system independent of the township and set a tuition charge against students attending from outside the corporate limits.  At this time, students from all over the township, as well as several from Tipton County, took their schooling at Boxley. 

Sometime around 1920 or shortly after, the Boxley community took up a collection, preparatory to building the gymnasium at the rear of the building, the last addition. The addition was erected and then the township finished the inside, putting in seats and the floors sometime between 1922 and 1926 when O.T. Kercheval was township trustee.

But with the completion and opening of the new school at Sheridan in 1932, the Boxley School was no longer used as a high school, although the people of Boxley fought bitterly to stop the erection of the new Sheridan school as well as the discontinuing of a high school course of study at Boxley.

The last high school graduating class at Boxley was in 1931, however grade school continued there until the 1947 -1948 school year. The building then closed permanently and all students went to Sheridan.

From the Sheridan News, April 8, 1910:  The closing exercises of the Adams township high school were held at Boxley this week.  The Baccalaureate sermon being preached at the Christian church Sunday night by Rev. Whitman of Indianapolis, and the class address delivered at the Commencement exercises Wednesday evening by Thomas H Kuhn of Richmond.  There was a splendid attendance at both of the events and the end of the 1909 - 10 term appropriately celebrated.
The Boxley School is noted for its strong students and this year's class of 10 was no exception.  Both Trustee Scott and Supt. Kercheval have been untiring in their efforts to give the township a strong institution and their efforts were not in vain.  An able corps of teachers has given them the loyal support necessary to make such a school a success.

From the Sheridan News, Sept. 30, 1910:  The township schools opened Monday with an enrollment of 437 or slight decrease over last year.  Some districts show a loss while others have gained a few.  The Boxley School shows the largest enrollment for several years which is distributed among the various grades as follows:
High School: Seniors -5, Juniors -9, Sophomores -13, and Freshman -16.
Grades: Eighth -13, Seventh -7, Sixth -18, Fifth -18, Fourth -16, Third -21, Second -10, and First -18. 
Total 164
Manual training and sewing together with spelling will form an important part of the curriculum this year.

From the Sheridan News, April 5, 1912: Adams Township high school held it's Commencement exercises for seven graduates in the high school room at Boxley.   (Boxley High School Commencement: 1912)

Below is the Boxley High School 1913 boys basketball team. They are L to R: Horace Pickett, John Mendenhall, Ora Christy, Rolland Pickett, Coach-Mr. Denny, Lester Holmes, William Stafford and Lawrence Wright. (Orig. Source, link does not work:

 (link does not work 28 Dec 2013)Below is the Boxley High School 1913 girls basketball team. They are L to R:
Myrna Hodson Stapleton, Reta Steele, Hannah Jackson Vickery, Lettie Dunn, and Mary Mendenhall Pickett
(Orig. Source, link does not work:

From the Sheridan News, speaking of 1914:  Sixty-nine horse drawn school buses were in use by Hamilton County schools in 1914, including Boxley School.  

Below is a news photo of the Boxley High School basketball team of 1918 -1919. 
Front row, L to R: Darr Johns, Floyd Moore, and Clark Burton.
Back row, L to R:  John Wilson, Coach Paul Nay, Lurue Pickett and Allen Henry.
(Orig. Source, link does not work: )

From the Sheridan News, December 17, 1920: Basketball fans were given a full nights sport at the Opera House Friday night (2nd floor of the former O.T. Kercheval Farm Equip. Store at 200 Main St.) when the high school of Boxley, Westfield, Walnut Grove and Carmel played.

In the opening game between Carmel and Westfield the former won by a score of 23 to 9.  Both teams were well represented by student rooters.
Boxley and Walnut Grove had two games, the Adams township lads winning both with their first and second teams.  The score of the varsity teams was Boxley 26, Walnut Grove 11, the second team 19 to 6.

The Sheridan News, April 3, 1925 announced that a new Boxley Community building was to begin construction at an expected cost of $3,000. The new building was to be used for a gymnasium, auditorium and a laboratory.  This article also said that the people of the community were looking forward to the time when the pupils would not have to go to Sheridan for basketball practice and stage accommodations. 

From the Sheridan News, Sept. 11, 1925:  (Beginning to feel crowded, the principal and Trustee of Sheridan High School were confronted with the largest enrollment in its history, 193 high school pupils.  At the same time, there were 70 pupils at Boxley High School, which was the maximum capacity for that building.)   If another year brings a similar increase the buildings of the township can not possibly house them.  There are nearly three hundred high school pupils in Adams Township, a number which would merit a modern well equipped building of ample size, and it is not foolish prophecy to say that necessity will be the mother of erection in this case.

From the Sheridan News, November 28, 1930:  The Junior class of the Boxley High School, will present a three act comedy, entitled "The Arrival of Kitty," on the nights of December 10 and 11, in the gymnasium of the school building.
The cast of characters will include Hershel McCullough, Margaret Goff, Dona Bower, Floyd Grinstead, Myrl McCullough, Loyd Grinstead, Viola Carlisle, Marjorie Fox and Wilma Bailey.
An admission price of twenty-five and thirty-five cents will be charged.

From the Sheridan News, October 31, 1930: 
Thirteen games yet remain on the Boxley basketball schedule with four open dates.  The schedule is as follows: (Note: This was Boxley High School's last basketball schedule.)

Oct. 31 Atlanta....Here
Nov. 7 
Nov. 14 Pickard.......Here
Nov. 21 Carmel.......Here
Nov. 26 W. Grove...There
Dec. 5 
Dec. 12 Pickard...There
Dec. 19 Sheridan.Here
Jan. 2  Cicero......There
Jan. 9  Arcadia....Here
Jan. 16 W. Grove....Here
Jan. 23 Sheridan.There

Jan. 30  31 Co. Tourney

Feb. 7  Pittsboro.Here
Feb. 6  Atlanta.......There
Feb. 13 Arcadia.....There
Feb. 20
Feb. 27

A fund-raising event in 1935. By this time, Boxley School was a grade school.   (Orig. Source, link does not work:

From the Sheridan News, September 7, 1945: Registration of pupils in Adams Township schools totaled 707 Tuesday morning and is expected to be increased twelve or more within the next few weeks as more students return from their vacations.
The first grade enrollment of 52 is much smaller than last year's 76, but is larger yet than usual.
Registration by classes at both the Sheridan and Boxley schools was as follows:
1st  52
2nd  77
3rd  35
4th  51
5th  41
6th  57
7th  50
8th  58
9th  67
10th  55
11th  44
12th  60

1st, 2nd, 3rd  36
4th, 5th,  6th  24

From the Sheridan News, June 25, 1948:  The 46 pupils at Boxley School and their two teachers, Mrs. J.J. Miller and Mrs. Harold Mintier, were being moved to Adams township school.

From the Sheridan News, December 22, 1950: Adams township Advisory Board
decided the latter part of last week to let the Boxley community have the Boxley School building and property.  The community's final bid was $400.  It was made after their initial bid of $1.50 was termed out of the question.
Since the gymnasium at the Boxley School was built by the population at that community rather than the township, they are buying back their own investment.  The building will probably be made into a community house.  Boxley community is paying the same price that the town of Sheridan paid to get the Shelter House.

From the Sheridan News, November 15, 1957, regarding the demolition of the vacant Boxley School: With the exception of Sheridan youngsters, students from all over the county received their education at the Adams Township School at Boxley during one period.

The building had been owned by the community in recent years, but was purchased by the Boxley Methodist Church which stands on the adjacent property to the south this summer for $500, when the people of that church realized the possibilities of the property as a parking area and also had use for the well located on the school grounds.

The building was sold to the wrecking company for $600 with the condition that the cornerstones be saved.  It is hoped that these stones can be used in erecting some sort of a monument to mark the property where the school stands. All that will be left of the building is a cement base under the gymnasium floor, which, it is planned, will be blacktopped and equipped with goals to allow youngsters of the community a place to play basketball.

September 28, 1967: The annual Boxley School reunion will be held September 28 at the Sheridan Community Center Dinner will be served at 12:30 p.m.
Reservations for the dinner at $2 per person should be sent to Mrs. Hanna, 1242 Cherry Street, Noblesville, 46060 by September 25.
Since meeting and greeting is the order of the day, the program will be short.  It will be the 50th anniversary of a class of 11 students, who are all living and expected to be present.




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Boxley High School Rosters 1900-1931 (Graduates)
Source:  Our Home Town 1 Oct 2007  -  (Orig. Source, link does not work:
From Editor Barb:  Here is the Boxley High School roster for 1900 to 1931. It was sent to me by both Tom Wright and Jim Land.  I am assuming that the pupils listed are the graduates for that year.

1900  Teachers: Stephen Hinshaw, William McMurtry, and Grace Burroughs.
Pupils:  Beatrice Drake, Nellie Foster, Claude H Goff, Ernest Hodson, Albert Johnson, Oris Kercheval, Sallie V Miller, Everett McMurtry, and Charles Wright.

1901 Teachers: A.C. Harris, F.A. Lovell, S.A. Hinshaw, and W.S. McMurtry.
Pupils:  George E Burton, Fred L Carson, Roscoe R Foland, Grace Foulke, Stella Hershman, Roy Hershman, Fletcher Ogle, Vinton Shannon, and Ada Vickery.

1902 Teachers: A.C. Harris, W.S. McMurtry, and Everett McMurtry
Pupils:  John Adkinson, Stella Dunn, Bertha Johnson, Fred Miller, Guy Perry, and Fred Reagan.

1903 Teachers: F.L. Greeson, W.S. McMurtry, and Everett McMurtry
Pupils:  Eleanor Dunn, Charles Eaton, Rollie C Foland, Alice B Foulke, Marvin Foulke, Grace Dunn, Clyde Hershman, Charles Johnson, Clyde Phillips, and Grace Vickery

1904 Teachers: A.C. Harris, W.S. McMurtry, and Everett McMurtry
Pupils:  Mable Johnson, Raleigh Phillips, Carie Pettijohn, Lulu Pickett, and Clark Swarm.

1905 Teachers: A.C. Harris, W.S. McMurtry, and G.E. Burton
Pupils:  Golda Burton, George D Collier, Grace Hawkins, Harriet Hawkins, Fred Hershman, Fred L Harvey, Grover C Miller, Herman Myers, Spencer A Ogle, Hugh M Palmer, and Lee Otis Vickery.

1906 Teachers: Arza C Harris, G Edgar Burton, and Murrel Moore
Pupils:  Glennie Crumbaugh, Verl Hershman, Charles Hockenberry, Lambert Ogle, Hazel Owen and Claude Price.

1907 Teachers:  Arza C Harris, William Eberwine, and Cordelia Adams
Pupils:  Ray Burton, Charles Hammer, Sherley C Hershman, Lenora Lindley, Carie Mendenhall, Pearl C Mundy, and Erma Orbaugh.

1908 Teachers:  John W Teter, Frank V Kercheval, and Edith Dockweiler
Pupils:  Ralph Baker, Frank Burton, Elsie Goff, and Fred Hines.

1909 Teachers:  John W Teter, Frank V Kercheval, and Raymond Aldred.
Pupils:  Ella M Haworth, Earl Mundy, Fanny Cox, Harry Mendenhall, and Winifred Foster.

1910 Teachers:  Frank Kercheval, Harry Dahnecker, and Bess Antrim
Pupils:  Raymond Briles, Lester Baker, Lizzie Greene, Hazel Haworth, Marion Moore, Madge Lindley, Glenn Moore, Russell Pickett, Ivan Shields, and Hiram Kercheval.

1911 Teachers:  Frank V Kercheval, Elmer Jessup, and ? Burton.
Pupils:  Mae Christy, John T Cox, William Dunn, Guy Nightenhelser, and George Pickett

1912 Teachers:  Frank V Kercheval, Elmer Jessup and ?Antrim
Pupils:  Coy Robbins, Ethel Gilliam, Mabel Moore, Luther Myers, Virgil Wright, Lola Lambert, and James Bowers.

1913 Teachers:  E.C. Denny, Harrison ?, Margorie Mickle
Pupils:  Lawrence Wright, Morton Lindley, Lucille Jessup, Ralph Spurgeon, Floyd Baker, ? Wilson, Vern Wilson, William Stafford, Rolland Pickett, Lester Holmes.

1914 Teachers: E.C. Denny, Nola Boyer, Grace Bloomfield
Pupils:  Malcolm Baker, Ora Christy, Lettie Dunn, Ray Grinstead, Myrna Hodson, Hannah Jackson, Mary Pickett, ? ?,  and ? ?.

1915 Teachers:  Nola Boyer, Roger Dowing, Grace Bloomfield
Pupils:  Horace Pickett, Claude Hinshaw, Harold Norman, Flossie Gilliam, George Myers, Orla Horcheon. 

1916 Teachers:  Nola Boyer, Roger Dowing, Grace Kidd
Pupils:  Capitola Wilson, Elsie Dunn, Flossie Almond, Hazel Roberts, Foster Poe.

1917 Teachers:  Nola Boyer, Floyd King, Grace Kidd, Charles Carter.
Pupils:  Leafy Burton, Anne Wilson, Lena Teter, Clara Lambert, Marie Pickett, Earnest Moore, Clifford Glunt, Sadie Phillips, and Noble Teter

1918 Teachers:  Nola Boyer, J Floyd King, Hazel Hall, Edna Moore, Charles Carter
Pupils:  Wayvern Jones, Helen Ramsey, Lawrence Carr, Virginia Fox, Odie Cline, Ruth Grinstead, Mabel Poe, Clarice Dunn, Goldie Dell, Bernice Wiles, Eber Teter, Claude Harvey, Nellie Neill and Elias Hinshaw.

1919 Teachers: C. Paul Nay, Edna Moore, Helen Hoffman, H.L. Pickett, Charles Carter.
Pupils:  Max Norman, Oretta Cline, Edith Snyder, Mary Helfer, Thelma Poe, Ruth Goff, Rollie Goff, Clark Burton, June Mundy, Ruth Mundy, Noble Elnes.

1920 Teachers:  C. Paul Nay, Helen Hoffman, Susie Allen, Charles Carter, George Pickett
Pupils:  Esther Hiatt, Lucille Teter, Conard Grubb, Elizabeth Grinstead, D. Allen Henry, Halcie Gilliam, Roney H Brown, Elsie Teter, Pearl Thompson, Norris Spurgeon, Jewett Hodson, and Helen Haughey.

1921 Teachers:  Harry Wann, Nola Bardonner, Susie Allen, Helen Ramsey, Charles Carter
Pupils:  Mildred Sturdevant, Clarence Boyer, Wilma Phillips, Wilbur Spear, Georgia Boyer, Anna Mae Timmons, Lovie Crawford, Bernice Biddle, Raymond Biddle, Esther Thompson, Leon Pickett, Earl Hodson.

1922 Teachers:  Harry A Wann, Ruth Goff, Claude Harvey, Laura Haskett, Charles Carter.
Pupils:  Florence Burton, Kathryn Haskett, Luray Pickett, Darr Johns, Weltha Johnson, Trula Osborn, Elizabeth Pickett, Helen Vogg, Adah Miller, Bernice Phillips, Dollie Taylor.

1923 Teachers:  George W Bailor, Laura Haskett, Ruth Goff, Claude Harvey, Charles Carter, Kathryn Walker
Pupils:  Elizabeth Bailor, Leslie Stephenson, Ray DeVaney, Marie Harvey, Leland Beard, Howard Pickett, Warren Inman, Eugene Endicott, Beulah Biddle, Loyd Kellam, Walter Greathouse, Nellie Goff, Gilbert Hershman, Doyle Pickard, Hazel Tudor, Helen Miller, Larue Wallace, Ralph Sturdevant, Edith Moore.

1924 Teachers:  George W Bailor, Myrl Stoops, Claude Harvey, Mildred Cox, Charles Carter, Kathryn Walker.
Pupils:  Nora Lane, Harry Hershman, Erma Harrell, Mildred Thompson, Virgil Hammer, Howard Chamberlain, Venue Lorenz, Zelmer McCory, Ina Kellam.

1925 Teachers:  George W Bailor, Myrl Stoops, Claude Harvey, Mildred Cox, Charles Carter, Kathryn Walker.
Pupils:  Madge Pickett, Chester Bowman, Lowell Harvey, Mable Tudor, Russell Hutchins, Lester Holman, Ruth Cline, Lafayette Taylor, Helena Dunn, Lewis D Phillips, Theodore Gunn.

1926 Teachers:  William Bennett, Joyce Hodson (Cline), Mable Myers, Claude Harvey, Charles Carter, Kathryn Walker.
Pupils:  Eva Rhorer, Florence Rader, Lawrence Ross, Morris Foulke, Lois McCory, Joan McCarty, Myron McCullough, Flossie Hundley, Robert Hund, Mary Smith, Wesley Lane, Ruby Baker, Wilbur Baker, Laverne Kellam, Lowel Palmer, Edith Ogle, Roy Eller.

1927 Teachers:  Virgil I Bailey, Joyce Hodson (Cline), Juliet Swain (Hershman), Claude Harvey, Charles Carter, Kathryn Walker.
Pupils:  Anna Mae Dunn, Lillian Lane, Violet Harbaugh, Hazel Simmonds, Mable Spear, Dessie Small, Mary Rader, Mable Hammer, George Thompson, Maurice Gilliam, Earl Grinstead, Warren Hershman, Paul Sturdevant, Paul Spurgeon, and Anna Goff.

1928 Teachers:  Earl Freeman, Joyce Hodson (Cline), Elsie Teter, John Stoops, Kathryn Walker, Charles Carter.
Pupils:  Margaret Hodson, Hollis Pickett, Paul Grinstead, Norris Smith, Harry Clark, Thomas Small, Clavis Hishaw, LaDova Biddle, Clinton Dunn, Garrold Binford, Richard Harbaugh, Herbert Harvey, Devota McCarty.  Class Picture, 1928

1929 Teachers:  Earl Freeman, Joyce Hodson (Cline), Elsie Teter, John Stoops, Charles Carter (there may have been another teacher not listed here)
 Pupils:  Paul Eller, Marigrace Fox, Isabel Gunn, Sidney Harbaugh, Harry Holman, Lamar Honnold, Clifford Lambert, John McCory, Floyd Spurgeon, Evelyn Thompson, Mary Louise Baker, Helen Binford, Paul Bradshaw.

1930 Teachers:  not listed but Joyce Hodson Cline was said to be one of them.
Pupils:  No graduates

1931 Teachers:  not listed but Joyce Hodson Cline was said to be   one of them.
Pupils:  Loren Hundley, Helen Kinder, Doyle Lambert, Mildred Law, Charlotte McElroy, Morris Moore, Clark Mundy, Clifford Mundy, Mildred Pickett, Dorothy Pitts, John Stafford, Phillip Thompson, Mary Fulton, Lillian Earl, Ester Fulton, Victor H Harbaugh, and Keith Hammer.

NOTE:  Mrs. Joyce Hodson Cline taught at the Boxley School the last six years that it was a high school, 1926 through 1931.  The high school kids went to the new Sheridan school when it opened for the 1931-1932 school year.  Mrs. Cline also went to Sheridan High School when it opened and retired when it closed as a high school at the end of the 1965 -1966 school year. Sheridan High School lasted for 35 years before the present school was built and the old Sheridan High School became Adams Elementary, and Mrs. Cline was there for all 35 years.



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