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David Weidner
(Jan 1844)

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[Handwritten - most likely a copy]
PDF page 1/5:
Page 194 - David Weidner's Will

In the name of the benevolent father of all -
I, David Widener of the County of Montgomery and State of Ohio being
sick and weak in body but of sound and disposing mind memory and
understanding, considering the certainty of death and the uncertainty
of the time thereof, and being desirous to settle my worldly affairs and thereby
be better prepared to leave this world when it shall please god to call
me home, do make and publish this my last will and Testament -
Item 1st I give and bequeath unto my wife Mary all my personal prop
erty forever.
Item 2nd I further give and bequeath unto each of my children and
heirs, namely, Elizabeth, Hannah, Sarah, Abraham, Mary, Rachel,
Samuel, David, and to my grandson Johnathan Martin, Son of my
deceased daughter Mahala One Dollar which shall be paid to each of
them by my herein named Executor.

PDF Page 2/5:
3rd I further give and bequeath unto to my wife Mary, my house and lot con
taining one half an acre of land situated in the county of Montgomery &
State of Ohio in Jackson Township, and in the north east corner of the
South West quarter of Section No. 1 of the fourth Township and fourth range
being deeded by John Reger to me bearing date Oct. 21, 1812 during her
natural life time and after the decease of said Said wife Mary - My daughter
Nancy shall have the said house and lot during her natural life and
if my daughter Nancy should not choose to reside thereon my herein
named Executor shall sell the same and put the money at interest and
pay the interest to her.

PDF Page 3/5:
4th It is further my will that the Executor herein named shall collect
all my notes which money when collected [4 words underlined and then crossed out] and also the
money I shall leave after my decease my said Executor shall put at interest
and he shall pay the interest thereof to my [crossed out] wife Mary during her
natural life. But if the interest should not be sufficient for her maintain
ance my Executor shall take of the principal sum and pay for her -
maintenance and after the decease of my wife Mary my Executor Shall
pay the interest to my daughter Nancy - But if the interest should not
be sufficient for her maintenance my Executor shall ??? of the prin-
cipal Sum and pay for her maintenance - But if my daughter Nancy
Should Marry she shall receive no ??? ??? the interest during her
natural life and the ??? that will be left after the decease of
my daughter Nancy shall be equally divided among all my heirs

PDF page 4/5:
David Widener's Will - [Page] 195

Share and Share alike.
5th It is my will further that if I should be called from this world before
the indentureship of Margaret Waggoner is satisfied that my Exec-
utor shall do it by giving her out of my estate a bed worth twenty
dollars and a chest worth five dollars & spinning wheel worth three dollars,
two goods sets of wearing apparel a cow worth seven dollars and a weavers
loom also one pot worth one dollar & half dozen Plates one half
dozen table spoons and half dozen knives and forks worth one dollar and
twenty five cents and half dozzen cups and saucers.

6th And lastly I do appoint David Heck, Senr. to be my Executor of
this my last will and Testament.
In Testimony whereof I David Widener do hereby set my hand and seal
this ?th day of January in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight hundred
and Forty Four.

David Widener (Seal)

Signed Sealed and acknowledged by David Widener as and for his last
Will and Testament who at his request and in his presence and in the presence
of each other have herewith set our names.
John Myers, John Duff
James R. B. John S.

PDF Page 5/5:

[Letter from Mrs. John Lucas to Probate Court, Montgomery County, Ohio, 25 Feb 1981]

Mrs. John Lucas
503 3rd Ave.
Jonesboro, Ind. 46938
Feb 25, 1981 [Handwritten]

Probate Court of Montgomery County
Montgomery Courts Building
41 North Perry St.
Dayton, Ohio 45402

Do you have a record of the will of David Weidner filed in the year 1844? I found
reference to it in an index of the A B C D books for Montgomery County. The month
was not stated. Would you send me a copy of the will? I have enclosed $2:00
dollars and a stamped addresses envelope. If this does not cover the cost please
advise and I will remit the amount needed.



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S1 Will David Weidner, ID0422. Executor: David Heck, Sr., Montgomery County, Ohio Probate Court, Will Book D, page 194, 195, Jan 1844. Wilma Haas Lucas Papers, 2010. RobbHaas Digital Archive, Doc5759.pdf


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