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Parents - John Jesse M Foulke ID0088 - Mary Baker ID0090 -
Parents - Mary Uriah Hodson ID0143 - Mary Thornburgh ID0144 -
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Timeline         Family Group Sheet   (Updated   25 March 2012)

10 Dec 1841 Mary Hodson Born in Indiana
31 March 1844 John Baker born in Harrison County, Ohio
24 June 1852 Religion,
Quaker - Short Creek mm, Harrison County, Ohio (gct [Granted Certificate] Fall Creek MM, Highland County, Ohio 
S1018, S1019, S1020, page 202
24 June 1852 John, Religion - Quaker - Short Creek mm, Ohio - [gct Fall Creek MM, Ill [Ind] ] S1,
20 June 1860 U. S. Census - living with parents on the Jesse Foulke Farm, Jackson Township, Hamilton County, Indiana  S6,
2 April 1864 John and Mary are married -
9 Apr 1867 Daughter Cora is born in Indiana
30 Sept 1869 Daughter Amba is born in Indiana
9 Oct 1874 John Baker:  Named in a newspaper article - Noblesville, Hamilton County, Indiana  S2,
21 Feb 1874 Son Frances M. "Frank" Foulke is born
1880 Property in Adams Township, Hamilton County, Indiana  Link,

Property in Jackson Township, Hamilton County, Indiana  Link,

10 May 1884 Son Marvin H. Foulke is born in Indiana
1898 August:  Traveled to Noblesville to transact business  S7,
1906 Property, Jackson Township, Hamilton County, Indiana (74.50 acres)  S4,
2 Apr 1914 John and Mary celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary in Bakers Corner, Hamilton County, Indiana
13 Apr 1919 Mary Died  -Hamilton County, Indiana
BuriedCrown View Cemetery
23 Jan 1924 John Died  S8,
BuriedCrown View Cemetery
1943 Son Francis M. Foulke Died

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Amba Foulke ID0103  -
(Click for larger Image)
Amba Foulke Simmonds
Frank Simmonds ID0104


Cora Foulke ID0101  -  


Francis M. "Frank" Foulke ID0105 -  


Marvin Hodson Foulke ID0107 -
(10 May 1884 - 7 Jan 1962)

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Marvin H Foulke
Vern Phillips Foulke ID0108
Attended Bakers Corner School about 1899 [See Photo]

1880:  Property in Adams Township, Hamilton County, Indiana  Link,
Spouse:  Vernie Phillips, ID0108 (17 July 1886 - 1 Jan 1955) - MRM Page - Obituary -

Description:  Tall, medium build, brown eyes, black hair  S3,
Occupation:  Farmer 

Child:  John Maurice Foulke (23 Nov 1908 - 6 March 1981) - MRM Page -
Vernie, Property 1919, 72.75 acres - S5,


Nettie Moore ID3907  -  
Adopted by John and Mary

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Source Citation

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S1 Book:  William Wade Hinshaw, Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy, Vol-4 [Ohio], Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc, 1994. Bk2933, Page 202 [Short Creek mm - Ohio].

Extract: Foulk/
1852, 6, 24. Jesse M. & w, Marry, & ch, John B., George, Sarah Ann, William & Amasa, gct Fall Creek MM, Ill. (H)

Note: Probably Fall Creek mm in Indiana NOT ILL
Note: gct = Granted Certificate ch = Children.

S2 Newspaper Article: "Baker's Corner Precinct, etc." Noblesville Ledger, Friday 9 Oct 1874, page 1. Acc000897/Doc0780.pdf

Extract: The Independent Attempts, from a communication signed "Jackson Township," to create the impression that J. R. Gray had taken it upon himself to secure the establishment of a precinct at Baker's Corner, in Adams township, at the request of the Foulke family. This precinct was established by the commissioners at their last session upon the petition of thirty citizens in the immediate vicinity of the place. They are old men, many of them, and good citizens; and what is more, many of them are Democrats, Reformers, and Anti-Secrets. The petitioners working in the matter recommended the appointment of John B. Foulke as Inspector. Mr. Gray and Mr. Hall were both opposed to the establishment of the precinct, offering as a reason that two precincts in a township that size was certainly enough, and an unnecessary expense was incurred by making another. Mr. Gray took it upon himself to notify such of the citizens of Adams township as he could find upon the streets, and asked them to come up and oppose it. Some of whom did so. But the Board finding no special opposition from the township, and through a desire to accommodate the petitioners, established the precinct. And if anything, it is against the interest of the Republican party.
Mr. Gray has repeatedly said that no lawyer should be permitted to extortion off of the county as Dave Moss attempts to do every time he gets a chance. That the tendency to employ lawyers in criminal cases at such enormous figures, as has been practiced in our courts, is wrong, and ought to be abandoned. That when an attorney is appointed to attend to criminal cases, a just compensation only should be allowed by the courts, and not such fees as private parties might pay. Judge Craven appointed Moss to attend to the Foulke  case [Amasa Foulke, ID0097] and after the trial he referred the further prosecution to the commissioners. The Board tried to employ Moss to continue before they spoke to any one else. And they considered his fee exorbitant and could get no concessions form him; they then employed Judge Garver & Losey for less than half the amount Moss demanded. They considered Garver & Losey competent, and did not propose to allow further extortion upon the treasury. Of course, the Independent is grieved that its corps o' editors could not get another grab.

S3 Database On-line, "United States World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918," database with images, FamilySearch (  : 12 December 2014 ), Marvin Hodson Foulke, 1917-1918; citing Hamilton County, Indiana, United States, NARA microfilm publication M1509 (Washington D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration, n.d.); FHL microfilm 1,503,896. Doc3621.pdf

From Image:
Serial Number: 1916 - Order Number: A-1535
Name: Marvin Hodson Foulke
Address: RFD 2, Sheridan, Hamilton County, Indiana
Age: 34 - Date of Birth: 10 May 1884
White, native born,
Occupation: Farmer, RFD 2, Sheridan, Hamilton County, Indiana
Nearest Relative: Wife, Vernie Maud Foulke, RFD 2, Sheridan, Hamilton County, Indiana
Signature: Marvin Hodson Foulke
Description: Tall, medium build, brown eyes, black hair
Date: 12 Sept 1918
S4 1906 map of Hamilton County showing property owners. Indiana Memory Project. Repository: Indiana State Library Map Collection. Accessed 17 Sept 2016. Doc3762.pdf.  (Indiana Memory Map)

Shows George Foulke, Mary F. Foulke and J.B. Foulke Property about 5 miles west of Cicero on the southeast corner of Anthony Road present 236th St., Jackson Township, Hamilton County, Indiana
- Geo. Foulk 68.01 acres
- Mary F. Foulk, 40 acres
- Jno. B. Foulk, 74.50 acres
S5 Map of Hamilton County from around 1919 showing land owners with local advertisers in margins. Indiana Memory Project. Doc3760.pdf.
(Indiana Memory Link)

- Mary F. Foulk(e) Property: 108.61 acres
- Vernie Foulk(e) Property: 72.75 acres
- Both about 5 miles west of Cicero on Anthony Road
S6 1860 US Census, Jackson Township, Hamilton County, Indiana. Page 60 and 61, Line 34 and Line 1, Dwelling & Family 411, Jesse Foulke Household. Original Data: NARA M653_263, Page 60, Image 61. Family History Library Film: 803263, accessed 25 Jan 2018. Acc000753/
Doc3125.pdf ( Images)

Page 60, Line 34:
1] Jesse Foulke: 50 yr old male, farmer, Born in Pennsylvania
2] Mary Foulke: 45 yr old Female, born in Pennsylvania
3] John D [B] Foulke: 16 yr old male
4] George Foulke: 15 yr old male
5] Sarah Foulke: 13 yr old female
6] William Foulke: 12 yr old male
7] Amasa Foulke: 11 yr old male
Page 61, Line 1:
8] Amasa Baker: 79, male - Born Pennsylvania
- All children born in Ohio and all attended school
- Value of real estate: $12000 - Value of Personal estate: $1200
S7 Newspaper Article, "Baker's Corner" Hamilton County Democrat (Noblesville, Indiana), 5 Aug 1898, page 5, Col. 5., accessed 2 March 2018.
     J. B. Baker transacted business at Noblesville a day last week.
     George Foulke presented his daughters with a new bicycle.
S8 John Foulk, Certificate No. 970. "Indiana, Death Certificates, 1899-2011" [database on-line]. Original Data: Indiana State Board of Health. Death Certificates, 19002011. Microfilm. Indiana Archives and Records Administration, Indianapolis, Indiana., accessed 3 Dec 2019. Doc5460.pdf

From Image:
Indiana State Board of Health/Certificate of Death/ Registered No. 970
Name: John Foulk, White male, Widowed
Death: 23 Jan 1924, 3 am, Adams Township, Hamilton County, Indiana
Cause of Death: Cerebral Hemorrhage
Birth: 31 March 1844, Ohio
Age at Death: 79y 9m 22d
Occupation: Retired Farmer
Father: Jesse Foulk, born Ohio
Mother: Mary Baker, born Pennsylvania
Informant: Frank Foulk, Sheridan, Indiana
Burial: 15 Jan 1924, Crown View, Sheridan, Indiana
Undertaker: Hinshaw McDonald
Physician: A. D. Newby, M.D.

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Mary Hodson Foulke
John Baker Foulke
[Scanned from photocopy]
Foulke Brothers, 1910
George, John Baker, Amasa
(See:  I-4)
Jesse Foulke Family, before 1875
Seated: Mary Baker Foulke - Jesse M. Foulke
Back: John, ID0091 - William ID0095 - Sarah ID0093 -
George ID0076 - Amasa ID0097
Foulke Brothers
George, John Baker, Amasa

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